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Geothermal Power Generation

Geothermal energy takes the form of high temperature water and steam that comes from deep within the earth where it has been heated by magma. This is a highly efficient source of ecologically friendly energy. Mitsubishi Power supplies the latest technology for both geothermal electric power generation and effective protection of the environment.

Geothermal electric power generation does not use any fossil fuel.The necessary heat energy can be obtained and used for power generation without any increase in CO2. Mitsubishi Power has recently made several further improvements in the geothermal electric power generation technology that has been developed over many years, and this technology is currently helping to provide clean electric power in countries all over the world.

DIASYS has been successfully installed as a control and monitoring system in many geothermal power plants.


  • The wide variety of the product lineup provides flexibly. We can offer optimum designs ranging from large-scale to mid- and small-scale systems.
    Our full hardware product lineup can offer a wide range of solutions from compact systems to large-scale systems. DIASYS provides large-size controllers (MPS: Multiple Process Station) and small-size controllers (CPS: Compact Process Station). A distributed system can be designed and offered based on its use and scale with the optimum balance between cost and performance. For geothermal power plants, DIASYS offers control and monitoring functions for steam turbines and their auxiliary facilities.
  • High reliability and easy maintenance
    DIASYS maintains high system reliability by having redundancy for its CPU data processing module, network modules, and power units. Furthermore, the CPU module has a substantial self-diagnostic function. In case of failure, the system switches to the backup modules without any disruptions in system control. Additionally, the root cause of the issue is displayed to aid in taking prompt corrective action.
  • Control logic and system construction are engineered for easy expansion
    You can change and create control operation logic, create system diagrams or control loops displayed on an operator station, and add to or change the hardware configuration by using the maintenance tools specifically designed for DIASYS. This maintenance data is managed at one location using an integrated database to allow efficient engineering.
  • Windows-based human interface with superb operability and rich functionality
    Operator stations are easy to operate and use because they use the Microsoft Windows operating system to operate and monitor processes and manage data. Operator stations provide a variety of functions to support operation, control, and monitoring of a plant. Those functions include displaying plant system diagrams, trend graphs, control loop plates, and alarm events as well as logic monitoring.
  • Support for various communication interfaces for connecting systems from other vendors
    DIASYS supports a variety of communication protocols such as ModbusTCP/IP, OPC (OLE for Process Control), and DNP3.0. This allows DIASYS to connect to and communicate with systems from other vendors.
  • Support for various operation-assisting functions, performance calculation, and stress calculation with an excellent quality only available from a plant manufacturer
    DIASYS provides a wide variety of optional products based on Mitsubishi Power's know-how as a leading plant manufacturer. Those optional products include various operation-assisting functions, performance and stress calculation functions, and a training simulator. For details, visit the following optional products page:

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