DIASYS netmation

Production Control System For Beverage Factory


This system is a production management system for monitoring and operation of a filling line in a beverage factory and helps increase the production efficiency of the factory.
In addition, this system is so flexible that the customer can modify the system when the system modification is required because of, for example, change in facility operation.

Background of introducing the new system/Problems to be solved

The customer requested that they be able to update the screens and control logic for a new filling line by themselves. They chose DIASYS Netmation because they liked its flexibility when the system is updated.

Result/Effect of introducing the new system

Since this system was introduced, the customer has been able to change the graphics and add a communication endpoint to a third-party system, and the system modification cost has been successfully reduced. In addition, by using the remote monitoring function, the system can be monitored and operated from a remote location to facilitate quick response to facility failure and efficient factory management.

System Configuration

System Configuration

Examples of functions

Monitoring and Operation

  • Centralized monitoring
    DIASYS Netmation provides centralized monitoring of production equipment at sites controlled by two or more Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) from third parties. Based on the signals each PLC receives, DIASYS Netmation can manage factory operation as a whole, including setup of production plans and feedback of management information.
  • Alarm display
    When equipment failure occurs, real-time alarms are displayed to help early detection of the failure. In addition, the alarm occurrence and recovery history for each piece of equipment can be displayed.
Alarm display
  • Trend display
    The operation status of equipment and failure signals are managed by using trend information. Two types of trends can be displayed: the real time trend for a maximum of 24 hours and the historical trend for a maximum of 30 days.
Trend display

Management support function

  • Reports
    The data collected from the production equipment at the site is managed as daily, monthly, and yearly reports.
    In addition, the "automatic collection reception/release information" can be displayed for each product type or for each container. Also, the occurrence/recovery time, status, number, and name of each alarm can be displayed.
  • Production plan management
    You can operate a factory systematically by setting up product types, quantities, and working patterns for each day.
  • Energy consumption rate management
    You can calculate the energy required for production per product and manage it with graphics and trends by using logic to process the data collected from the production equipment at the site.
  • Weekly timer setting
    You can set the start time for each piece of production equipment at the site to eliminate wasteful energy consumption in facility operation.

Examples of optional functions

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