DIASYS netmation

Infrared Flame Detector Rail Mounting Net IR-S


This is a compact flame detector created by combining the proven IR-S type flame detector and the DIASYS Netmation automatic burner control unit series.


  • Compact body suitable for small boilers
    The module unit is an easy DIN rail mount type, and a housing panel is not required.
    Its compact size makes it suitable for a boiler with a small number of burners.
    ・Outline Dimensions: 200mm(W)×700mm(H)×160mm(D)

Outline Dimensions


  • Suitable for a variety of fuels
    This flame detector can be used for the following fuels: gas, fuel oil, and coal.


  • High sensitivity design
    The newly designed sensor circuit enables stable detection of the burner flame. The flame is detected through the unlit zone.
  • Extended detection range
    The sensor has 100 times the dynamic range of a conventional product and allows stable detection from slow combustion to a high-intensity flame. No sensitivity adjustment is required for the sensor at the site.
  • Maintenance free
    A ball lens is used to eliminate the need to clean the sensor window.
  • Long-life sensor
    Because a long-life semiconductor infrared sensor is used, periodic replacement is not necessary.

System Configuration

System Configuration
  • FXIRS01
    A functional module dedicated as a flame detector.

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