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Automatic Plant Control System


Mitsubishi Power, as a leading general plant manufacturer in the world, has delivered a large number of plants from small-size industrial boilers and turbine plants to large-size monotube boilers and gas turbine combined cycle plants.
An automatic plant control system offers an automatic operation guide for starting up and shutting down a plant safely and efficiently by combining Mitsubishi Power's accumulated design know-how and operation techniques with the operation know-how of the user.

An optional operation guide is provided for the DIASYS series operator stations (OPS).



Automatic operation guidance for startup and shutdown of a plant

The startup and shutdown procedures can be divided and managed by using multiple breakpoints (BP). You can operate while you understand the startup and shutdown procedures.
In addition, the operation for each BP can be further divided into operation blocks. You can check the completion status of each block accurately.

As an operation guide for each operation block, a check list for confirmation and operation items is displayed. By following the operation guide (check list), you can start and shut down the plant reliably.

Plant startup and shutdown curves to facilitate understanding of the situation

You can monitor the difference between the planned and actual startup or shutdown curves. You can perform reliable operations and can take the appropriate action when a failure occurs. Actual data is traced along the planned startup or shutdown curve so that you can understand the difference between the planned and actual values on a trend graph and can perform quick corrective operations.

  • Modes of Plant startup and shutdown curves
Items Modes
On start up COLD (After regular inspections or daily use), WARM (2 modes), HOT (2 modes), VERYHOT
On shutdown Stop for 4 hours, Stop for 6 hours

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