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Multiple Process Station

Multiple process station (MPS)

Multiple process station (MPS)

A multiple process station (MPS) from DIASYS Netmation is a controller used for control operation and for ON/OFF control for the site.
Mitsubishi Power's dedication to reliability and controllability of the down to the last detail is displayed throughout an MPS.

High reliability is maintained from the system to the hardware

An MPS maintains high system reliability by having redundancy for its CPU data processing modules, network modules, and power units. In addition, it has a reliable self-diagnostic function to detect hardware and software failures.

High reliability is maintained from the system to the hardware

The CPU module has hot swap redundancy. One CPU is used for control (control CPU) and the other is on standby (standby CPU). For the actual control, the calculation results from the control CPU are used. The standby CPU receives the data from the control CPU periodically (tracking) and maintains the same calculation results as the control CPU in preparation for the failover.

Flexible system configuration to meet users' requests

The full hardware product line allows you to configure systems to meet a wide range of use. You can also connect the system to a programmable logic controller (PLC) and various fieldbus devices. You can introduce integrated control while reducing the introduction cost by maintaining existing facilities.

system configuration

Maintenance while putting priority on continuous operation of the facility

Should an I/O module fail, you can replace it without stopping the facility. When you want to change control logic, graphics, and parameter values, you can change them without affecting other settings or stopping the currently running MPS.
You can operate a facility as it suits your needs.


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