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Functions of an engineering & maintenance station (EMS)

Functions of an engineering & maintenance station (EMS)

An engineering & maintenance station (EMS) is used for maintenance of various services DIASYS Netmation offers.
An EMS has the following functions:

  • Configuration of control systems
  • Creating and updating control logic for multiple process stations (MPSs) and compact process stations (CPSs)
  • Creating graphics for display on operator stations (OPSs).
  • Configuration of OPS functions.
  • Drawing management

"Logic Creator", a tool for creating control logic.

For creating control logic, use Logic Creator, a tool based on Microsoft VISIO. Function blocks represent control logic elements. Without mastering complicated steps, you can create control logic simply by dragging and dropping function blocks as you would when using VISIO.
Many supporting functions for logic creation are provided, such as a scripting function for creating special function blocks and a macro function for registering frequently used logic.

"Logic Creator", a tool for creating control logic.

"Graphic Creator": a tool for creating a graphic screen

Use Graphic Creator to create graphic screens to be displayed on an OPS. Display elements can be customized to create attractive and detailed screens.


"List Creator": a tool for simply and simultaneously editing hundreds of signals

List Creator can edit various signals and parameters registered in control logic, properties of graphic parts, and the like all simultaneously using Excel. When modifying hundreds of signals, you don't have to update control logic individually. All the updates can be done simply and efficiently from Excel.

List Creator

Functions of an OPS can be configured at will

From an EMS, you can select at will whether the alarm summary and the control loop plate trend data should be displayed on an OPS. By using this function when you construct an OPS, you can delete unnecessary functions from the OPS or limit the functions of the OPS.

Easy drawing management

Control logic and graphic screens created by their respective functions can be managed as drawings. When control logic or a graphic screen is modified, the corresponding drawing is automatically updated to ensure no missing updates. You can also add a revision history and a comment. Of course, you can output a drawing as a PDF file as well.


The hardware specifications for an EMS are as follows. When you purchase a PC, we recommend.

Items Requirements
CPU Type Pentium 4 2.4GHz Recommended
Memory 1GB Recommended
Disk Space 80GB Recommended
Display Resolution 1280×1024
OS Windows 10

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