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BoxGovernor 3Ve

(This product is currently(August 2020) in maintenance service only)


"Box governor 3Ve" from Mitsubishi Power is a control system specialized for steam turbine control. This system can be applied to a wide range of steam turbines. The system is equipped with a wide range of ready-made control blocks to ensure quick delivery and low cost.


  • Maintaining availability with online maintenance
    You can update various parameter values from a user interface screen without stopping a currently operating governor. Control functions other than the modified part are not affected, and the availability of the facility can be maintained.
  • Self-diagnostics for failure detection
    "Box governor 3Ve" has self-diagnostic functions for failure detection. These include a watch dog timer, a power supply monitoring function, and a disconnection detection function for the actuator output.


Operation screen (Human machine interface)
  • Operation screen (Human machine interface)
    A 3.8-inch LCD operation panel for monitoring and operation You can configure the control functions and adjust the parameters of the PI (proportional-integral) controller in order to meet the specifications of the turbine to be controlled. It is also used for operation and monitoring of the operation status.
  • Control unit
    A controller with an Intel CPU used for steam turbine control (data processing and signal input/output processing).

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