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Control System For Engine Power Generation Plant


A large factory in Japan installed five sets of Mitsubishi Power's gas engines in order to reduce the imported electric power from grid. The facility has in total more than 25 MW power output from the five engines and is one of the largest gas engine power facilities. This was the first customer to introduce nearly full automatic control of running engines.

Background of introducing a new system/Problems to be solved

This customer installed five sets of gas engines in order to reduce the imported electric power from grid.
But the problem was that the load in the factory changed instantaneously and quickly so that a 30-minute balancing rule had to be met (the imported electric power had to be within a limit).
In addition, because the load in the factory kept changing based on various factors such as a time (noon recess and factory recesses), the number of running engines needed to be adjusted frequently over short time periods and fine engine control was required.

Result/Effect of introducing the new system

DIASYS Netmation was introduced, and control logic was created using the control language IDOL++. DIASYS Netmation enabled nearly full automatic control of the number of running engines. Quick load following was made possible with very little operator intervention. Thanks to this control of the number of running engines, only one operator console was required even though there were five engines.

System Configuration

A single multiple process station (MPS) controls each engine. Each I/O module is configured as a "remote I/O" and installed inside the panel in the respective engine room so that the wiring is minimized and the cost is reduced.
One common MPS is used for the control of the number of running engines.

System Configuration

System Configuration

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