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Mitsubishi Power offers operator console desks (MEC series) that allow a flexible layout. A wide product lineup can provide a comfortable work environment in a central control room.


  • Well-organized desk storing hardware in a cabinet
    MEC series standard console desks offer a configuration suitable for storing PCs, power units, and communication devices by combining OA desks and cabinets.
  • A variety of layouts are possible
    Three desk sizes are provided: a desk for two PCs and two monitors, for one PC and one monitor, and for one PC and two monitors (twin monitors). If you combine them with options, you can create a flexible layout to best suit the space in a central control room.
    In addition, an operator keyboard (OPKB) can be installed.

MEC Series

General-purpose desks

Desk for one OPS (MEC-1208)
  • Desk for one OPS (MEC-1208)
    A general-purpose desk for one operator station (OPS)
    As an option, a keyboard tray can be attached.
Desk for twin monitors (MEC-1408)
  • Desk for twin monitors (MEC-1408)
    A general-purpose desk suitable for the case when twin monitors are used
    As an option, a keyboard tray can be attached.
Desk for two OPSs (MEC-1808)
  • Desk for two OPSs (MEC-1808)
    A general-purpose desk for two OPSs
    As an option, a keyboard tray can be attached.
Type Dimensions
MEC-1208 1188(W)×798(D)×720(H)
MEC-1408 1388(W)×798(D)×720(H)
MEC-1808 1788(W)×798(D)×720(H)

Simple Desk (Optional)

Simple Desk

Six simple desk sizes are offered. You can select the one that fits the space.
A desk cabinet can be attached to the W1200, W1400, and W1800 desks for storing hardware.

Type Dimensions
W800 788(W)×798(D)×720(H)
W1000 988(W)×798(D)×720(H)
W1200 1188(W)×798(D)×720(H)
W1400 1388(W)×798(D)×720(H)
W1600 1588(W)×798(D)×720(H)
W1800 1788(W)×798(D)×720(H)

Joint Table (Optional)

Joint Table

A joint table used for connecting two tables.
This is a 45 degree corner desktop.


Wing desk

Wing desk

A wing desk needs to be purchased together with a MEC series desk or a simple desk.


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