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Compact Process Station

Compact process station (CPS)

Compact process station (CPS)

A compact process station (CPS) from DIASYS Netmation is used for control operation and site ON/OFF control. A CPS can be mounted on a DIN rail.
Unlike a multiple process station (MPS), a CPU chassis is not required. A CPS supports both single and duplex configurations. This compact unit is suitable for small-scale systems such as a facility management systems and package boilers.

Keeping the features of a DCS but reducing the price and size to the same level as a PLC

A programmable logic controller (PLC) is not functional enough-
But a distributed control system (DCS) is too big-

In order to meet those requests, a CPS is designed to keep the features of DIASYS Netmation while the size is reduced to the same level as a PLC (sequencer).
A CPS can support monitoring from an operator station (OPS), update of control logic and maintenance from an engineering & maintenance station (EMS), data log collection from an accessory station (ACS), and other functions. As a result, it can be connected in the same manner as an MPS.

System Configuration

Flexible system configuration to meet users' needs

You can easily add I/O modules to a CPS as required.
If you use extension adapters, a CPS can accommodate up to 40 modules.
In addition, modules are connected by way of FLEX I/O communication interfaces from Allen-Bradley. Therefore, not only I/O modules from DIASYS Netmation but also modules from Rockwell Automation can be used.

System Configuration

Should a module fail, you can replace the module while the power is on (like an MPS). This reduces the downtime of the facility.

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