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Accessory Station

Functions of an Accessory Station (ACS)

Accessory Station

An accessory station (ACS) is used for storage and management of various long-term data of facilities, and it is also an interface to peripherals such as printers. An ACS operates on Windows.

ACS units are equipped with the following data management functions to support operation:

  • Reports
  • Data logging
  • List display and so on

Automatically creating daily and monthly reports to reduce the amount of work

You can print out process data managed by the database on an ACS as daily and monthly reports.
The print out format can be any Excel form. You can specify any form you like.


Detailed trip event log to support analysis

When major equipment in a facility trips an event response, the following functions are used to support quick investigation and analysis of the root cause of the event. The post trip logging function collects pre-registered process values as data. The flight recorder function displays pre-registered process values as a trend. The event sequence report automatically saves the signals from connected event DI modules.

Print-out instructions of data

An ACS can send out a print-out instruction for the data when a trigger such as a plant trip event occurs. It can also send out a periodic print-out instruction for reports and "equipment under maintenance" reports.

Print-out instructions


The hardware specifications for an ACS are as follows.

Items Requirements
CPU Type Pentium 4 1.5GHz Recommended
Memory 1GB Recommended
Disk Space 80GB Recommended
Display Resolution 1280×1024
OS Windows 10

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