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What's DIASYS?


"DIASYS (Digital Intelligent Automation SYStem)" is the Distributed Control System (DCS) developed by Mitsubishi Power, Ltd, a leading plant manufacturer, to facilitate maximum performance of a plant with high reliability and availability.

In 1980s, the DIASYS series started with a control and monitoring system for thermal power plants. Because of its high reliability and user-friendly functionality, the latest flavor of the DIASYS control system, DIASYS Netmation, is used as a control and monitoring system for various kinds of products. Its applications include power plants such as thermal and geothermal power plants, rocket launch facilities, LNG carriers, factories, and office buildings.

"DIASYS" can contribute to your business needs by drawing on a combination of know-how and expertise based on more than 30 years experience in the field of control and monitoring systems.


History of the DIASYS Series

The first MHI Power Control Systems were developed in the early 1980s using DEC mini-computers. Later on, in late 1980s, Mitsubishi Power constructed a full-scale Direct Digital Control (DDC) system using Intel single-board computers.

At the same time, Mitsubishi Power developed an original language called IDOL (Interpreter DDC Oriented Language) used as a POL (Program Oriented Language) authoring tool. To date, the IDOL software has gone through many version updates, expanding its support to various platforms (DOS, Unix, Linux, Windows).

AMitsubishi Powerd 1990, Mitsubishi Power decided to develop all control modules in-house. (Before that, most of the control modules were manufactured outside the company.) Almost all modules and power units used for control systems were upgraded by including a CPU module (M386CPU) that used the (then latest) 32bit CPU architecture.

Operator control panels were already designed and manufactured in-house at that time. With the addition of control modules manufactured internally,the entire control system became a product made solely by Mitsubishi Power.

Subsequently, the control system received two major upgrades, in the late 1990s and in the early 2000s, to reach the current version of the DIASYS control system, DIASYS Netmation.

History of the DIASYS Series

Delivery record

Since 1980, the DIASYS series have been adopted in 1650 projects in 58 nations worldwide (as of 2011.)

Delivery record

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