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June 14, 2012 Edition

Acquisition Of Korea Explosion Proof Certificate For Gtfd.

As per request from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., Takasago Factory, we have worked hard for acquisition of Korea Explosion Proof Certificate, which is a new certificate for Gas Turbine Flame Detectors. Our factory was audited by KOSHA on May 24 and we attained the certificate successfully on June 14.

This is our 4th certificate after the acquisition of “Japan Explosion Proof Certificate”, “CE Marking Explosion Proof Certificate (ATEX)” and “cCSAus Explosion Proof Certificate (For USA & Canada)”.

The application for the certificate was filed before our company name was changed, therefore we are in the process of changing the title over to MHI Control Systems Co., Ltd.

Gas Turbine Flame Detector
Gas Turbine Flame Detector / Close-up picture of KCs mark showing with old company name, Choryo Control Systems Co., Ltd.

News Release

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